Bootsy Bellows

 Oct. 25th It’s 11 pm and time to fly to West Hollywood mashing on the 110 goings south to the 405 north to Wilshire exit, destination Sunset and Doheny club Bootsy Bellows.  Pulling up the cameras was out TMZ and a few other media outlets were anticipating the arrival of Fabulous.  Mark DaSpot was spinning and just by the way the night was going the crowd was more than happy to have him in their presence.  The music and vibe Mark created mixing the old and new music from Fabulous made dancers sink in cohesion. Fabulous performed his new joint “Choosy” and left his stamp on the night.  Fab gave a drop to Mark DaSpot and a compliment in the same sentence while keeping the crowd lit.  Hey don’t take my word for it check it out for yourself, we got you covered.