I’m DJ Mark Da Spot

Born in Montego, Jamaica and raised in Bronx, New York by a family comprised of many professional DJ’s, DJ Mark Da Spot(MDS)was quickly influenced by New York’s finest: DJ Kid Capri, Jam Master Jay &Biz Markie. Discovered in New York while spinning at upscale, exclusive clubs such as China Club, Sweet Sixteen and Lotus, MDS met Justin Timberlake who proved to be a catalyst as the superstar hired him as his DJ

This new gig required him to move to LosAngeles,leading to many more opportunities DJing all over Hollywood and across the US. Many local & international tours later, MDS is now a member of famous DJ crew, The Heavy Hitters, has weekly and monthly gigs at the highest rated clubs in the country, recently completed a sponsorship deal with Monster and is currently a Sol Republic official DJ. Recipient of the 2014 and 2015 Salute The DJ award and 2014 Global Spin Award for Regional Club DJ of the year, DJ Mark Da Spot is a force to be reckoned with.

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For Party Booking Contact : Sarah@Oncueagency.com 213-590-6468 | For PR Service : Christina@theadjency.com

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